About Us

M3 Composite Industries, LLC (M3ci) is the only company in the world that produces M3 Mokume, exotic new age composite materials in a form that artisans and small high-end manufacturers have embraced for their heirloom quality objects d’art. While macro-molecular composites sharing many of the same properties of M3 Mokume are used in aerospace, marine and medical industries the processes used to create the wood grained patterns (Mokume), color changing and unique surface characteristics of M3 Mokume are all proprietary to M3ci making these materials quite rare and desirable.

M3heirloom.com is a response to the many requests to purchase the prototypes and M3 finished product images used to market our blanks, billets and knife scales. Here you will find a selection of spectacular heirloom quality objects d’art produced by some of the world’s most talented artisans. Some are prototypes and many are part of our customers regular production, limited edition and short production runs.

M3 Mokume Blanks, Billets and Scales are handcrafted to exacting standards in the USA. While the M3 proprietary process utilizes some very sophisticated equipment and scientific processes, the M3 Mokume wood grain patterns can only be produced by hand. Each blank is an individual work of art created by a master technician.

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